Photos & Videos

the front of Eagle Fire Station 9
photo of plane dropping fire retardant materials on a fire
plane with fire and smoke blocking the sun
fire fighter in the field with smoke and fire
fire truck and fire in the background
firefighter with fire in a field
fire fighter doing prescribed burn
plume of smoke over a road
front loader tractor and guy watching a fire
Leadership and Tactical Decision Making in Wildland Fire
fire crew heading out on a Forrest fire call
fire fighter in smoke
mountain wild fire
Firemen in the station garage standing in front of the fire truck
house on fire
Fire Truck at fair grounds
Fair Grounds Fire safety event
fire men in front of the water truck
truck crash in snow
truck crash in snow
truck rolled over on side
crew going out in field
rainbow over a fire truck
fire at night
three fire fighters with water hose spraying
fire fighters spraying water on a field
hose and ladder truck
hose and ladder truck spraying water
hose and ladder truck
fire fighters at work on a fire at night

The Greater Eagle Way

Year End Video

the front of Eagle Fire Station 9