Crew heads to Montana

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Firemen in the station garage standing in front of the fire truck

Last night, Engine 9-3 with three firefighters deployed to a request for help in Montana.

They are responding to help with a very large wildfire that is sweeping through the north eastern portion of Montana called the #LodgepoleComplex. This fire blew up to 200,000 acres yesterday and is expect to grow due to the high temps and very extreme fire behavior. Just yesterday, the fire jumped two interstates and a very large emergency dozer line.

The crew is expected to arrive at the fire today to begin helping over 200 crews from Montana and surrounding states. This crew could spend the next 14 days away from home on this fire.

This crew is a collaboration of firefighters from both Greater Eagle Fire Protection District and the Gypsum Fire Protection District.

Be safe brothers!

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