Located in the historic town of Eagle, CO at 6600 feet in the central Colorado mountains the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District is an emergency services organization the continually strives to anticipate the needs of the public we serve. We provide Fire Supression, Education, Enforcement, Fire Prevention, Inspection, Haz-Mat Response, Wildland and Emergency services to the communities and towns of Eagle, Wolcott, Fulford, and State Bridge.

The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District also serves the outlying forest and wilderness areas. Due to our diverse mountain environment, the fire department provides services for wildland fire, and a variety of specialized rescue missions, including ice, swift water and mountain rescue.

The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District is proud to be comprised of both paid and volunteer fire fighters providing service excellence to our area. In addition to emergency and fire services, we are committed to community events and charitable causes.


To provide prompt, courteous, and professional fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical, rescue, and related emergency services to the residents and visitors of the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District (GEFPD).


We will continue to transform today’s fire and rescue service into a progressive, proactive and professional service; a service that will exceed today’s demands, and meet tomorrows needs.


The GEFPD values describe how we approach performing our mission, and how we will proceed toward our vision.

1. EXCELLENCE-We are devoted to serving our residents and visitors and to exceeding their expectations.

2. COMMITMENT-We are committed to our members and to their professional development, service, safety and recognition.

3. SERVICE-We will always strive to provide prompt, courteous, and professional service to the best of our abilities.

4. EMPOWERMENT-We delegate official authority and trust our members with the power to provide customer service to the level of their abilities and imagination.

5. INNOVATION-We constantly explore new concepts and methods in order to increase our efficiency and/or effectiveness.

6. PARTNERING-We aggressively seek and accept partnerships to improve the quality of our organization and service.

7. INTEGRITY-We act ethically, we are honest, we keep our word, and take full responsibility for our actions.